Club Requirements for New Season

Hi All,
Below are some importants requirements for the new season. Best of luck to all teams, it’s great to see 3 new Clubs enterting teams.
As the League starts on Sat Sept 20th ALL TEAMS must be affiliated before then.
Cheques (e60 per team at u11’s including Cup and e150 per team from 12 to 16 including Cup) must be sent with cover note to Mary Lyne. (Contact details sent to club Secs)
All players should be registered (e15 for 11’s and e23 for all others) before they play with Friday 10th October the last day to register full sheets of players. Obviously individual registrations can be done if needed after this date.
Registration forms to be sent to George Dineen. (Contact details sent to club Secs)

(Please make sure you include a cover note).
Teams not Affiliated or Registered by the appropriate dates will be given fixtures but not allowed play the games and these will go down as walkovers with the usual consequences.
Girls: Clubs are encouraged to play girls (up to 13’s) on the boys B or C teams.
Girls League – In mid-October we will be looking for your Girls teams. It is great to here that a number of additional clubs will be entering Girls teams this season.
11’s: Rules attached for the 11’s Games. Please ensure these are followed.
12’s League and Cup to be played using the medium goals (16x 6).These are to be placed on the six yard line and the end line coned from there.
If clubs do not have these goals then the ideal will be to use the small goals.
Cups: This season we will be having an 11’s Cup.
Reserve Cup: There will be a Reserve Cup for all teams knocked out in the first round, bar Premier Division teams.
Official Referee’s will be appointed for the 11’s Cup games.
Clubs are required to forward on a list of all its managers, the teams they are involved with and contact numbers for these.
Please ask your mangers to ring in results (win or lose) as soon as possible after the games to 087 9878983.

Clubs are also required under legislation to send in a list of all members who have done the Child Protection Course and are Garda Vetted plus their number.
For anyone who has not done the course there are two coming up:
10th September Mounthawk, 29th September Mastergeeha.
Details from Child Protection Officer Ger Nagle. Contact number sent to clubs.
Please contact me if you require any further information.
087 9878983
ps: If anyone is going to the Rep of Ireland v Oman game and wants to use the Leagues Premium tickets please give me a call – there are 3 available (1 being my own).