Cup and Plate Semi Final Draws

Cup and Shield Semi Final Draws:

11’s Cup Semi-Final:

                                     Mastergeeha V Iveragh United
                                     Listowel Celtic A V St Brendan’s Park


11’s Shield Semi-Final:

                                    St Brendan’s Park V Killarney Athletic
                                   Listowel Celtic B V Killarney Celtic C


John Murphy 12’s Cup Semi-Final:

                                   St Brendan’s Park   V Inter Kenmare
                                  Killarney Celtic A V Camp Juniors


John Murphy 12’s Shield Semi-Final:

                                   Camp Juniors   V St Brendan’s B
                                   Killorglin C V Killarney Celtic C


John Joe Naughton 13’s Cup Semi Final

                                   St Brendan’s Park V Ballyhar
                                   Killorglin AFC   V Tralee Dynamos


John Joe Naughton 13’s Shield Semi Final:

                               Park B or Killarney Ath       V Mastergeeha
                                     St Bernard’s V Ballyheigue FC


Tom Hayes 14’s Cup Semi Final:

                                   Camp Juniors       V Tralee Dynamos
                                     Killorglin V St Brendan’s Park


Tom Hayes 14’s Shield Semi Final:

                                   Killarney Celtic C V Inter Kenmare
                                Listowel Celtic C V St Bernards


15’s Cup Semi Final:

                                   St Brendan’s Park V Castleisland
                                     Camp Juniors v Killarney Celtic A


15’s Shield Semi Final:

                                     Inter Kenmare v Killorglin
                                     Killarney Athletic v St Brendan’s Park B


Tucker Kelly 16’s Cup Semi Final:

                                       Tralee Dynamos v Camp Juniors
                                       Killorglin V Killarney Celtic A


Tucker Kelly 16’s Shield Semi Final

                                        Ballyhar V Fenit
                                         Iveragh United v St Brendan’s Park