The 2011- 2012 Kerry Schoolboys League Divisions:

11’s Group 1                        Group 2                                Group 3                                Group 4

Killarney Celtic A Killarney Athletic B Ballyhar Behy Rovers
Kingdom Boys Killarney Celtic B Camp Iveragh Utd
Listowel Celtic Killorglin B Fenit St Bernards
Park Listowel Celtic B Inter Kenmare Camp B
Killarney Athletic A Park B Mastergeeha Park C


12’s: Premier                                                                      Division 1

Killarney Celtic A Fenit
Listowel Celtic A St Bernards
Kingdom Boys Killarney Celtic B
Park A Listowel Celtic B
Killarney Athletic Park B
Mastergeeha Killorglin


13’s Premier                                         Div 1                                                   Div 2

Killarney Celtic A Camp Killarney Celtic B
Kingdom Boys Castlemaine Park B
Listowel Celtic A Killorglin A Listowel Celtic B
Ballyhar Castleisland Killorglin B
Park A Iveragh United Killarney Athletic B
Fenit Asdee  
Killarney Athletic A    


14’s Premier                                        Div 1 North                                         Div 1 South

Mastergeeha A Ballyhar Mastergeeha B
Kingdom Boys Camp Inter Kenmare
Park A Asdee Iveragh United
Listowel Celtic Park B Killarney Celtic B
Fenit Killorglin B Killarney Athletic
Killarney Celtic A   Killorglin A

                                                                  Medal for 1st and 2nd in each Division – No Play-Off




15’s Premier                                                                       Div 1

Killarney Celtic A Kingdom Boys
Park A Fenit
Killarney Athletic Mastergeeha
Listowel Celtic Iveragh Utd
Killorglin A Killarney Celtic B
Castleisland Killorglin B
  Killarney Athletic B
  Park B ?

                                                                                             If Park B are confirmed we’ll go with two Gr of 5

16’s Premier                                                                        Div 1 (1 Round of Games)

Asdee Ballyhar
Killarney Celtic Inter Kenmare
Park A Mastergeeha
Killarney Athletic Castlemaine
Killorglin Iveragh United
Fenit Park B
  Listowel Celtic
  Ballyheigue Athletic