To Club Sec of the Players Listed Below:
It is vital that you contact your players as soon as possible to inform them that they have been invited to the Trials.
It is also very important that if a player can’t attend one or more they contact Darren. It is vital that Kerry gets as many players as possible
into the Regional ETP and that this stays in Kerry.
Thanks for your co-operation.
From Darren Aherne:
Please find below the squad lists for summer assessments for the Regional etp centre for Kerry Players,
The details for the assessments are as follows:
Date               Venue                            Time
Jul-06                   St Brendans Park Fc Tralee       6:30pm – 8:30pm
Jul-13                    St Brendans Park Fc Tralee       6:30pm – 8:30pm
Jul-20                   Listowel Celtic Fc                     3:30pm- 5:30pm – International Trial
Jul-27                   St Brendans Park Fc                 6:30pm – 8:30pm  
If the players are not in a position to attend can they contact myself asap please,
Darren Aherne
F.A.I. Developement Officer County Kerry
086-0489 019
JUNIOR GROUP:                                                        SENIOR GROUP:
Ray O’Shea – Inter Kenmare                                         Fionn Coakley – Camp
                                                                                 Cian Kennedy – Camp
Eoghan O’Brien – Fenit.                                               
Cian McGarry – Fenit                                                   Maurice O’Keeffe – Listowel Celtic
                                                                                 Liam O’Connor – Listowel Celtic 
Colin Griffen – Park                                                      Adam O’Rourke – Listowel Celtic
Sean Dukes – Park                                                     Ian Murphy – Listowel Celtic
Padraig Griffen – Park          
James Duggan – Park.                                                 Roy Kelliher – Killarney Celtic
                                                                                 Donal Lyne – Killarney Celtic                 
Chris Rogers – Kingdom Boys                                      Shane Cronin – Killarney Celtic
Shane Lowth – Kingdom Boys                                      Matt Keane – Killarney Celtic
Calvin Foley – Kingdom Boys                                       James McCarrick – Killarney Celtic
                                                                                 Jordan Kiely – Killarney Celtic
Brian O’Seanachain – Listowel Celtic                           
Dale Mulvihill – Listowel Celtic                                       Danny Healy – Killarney Athletic
Chris Elbell – Listowel Celtic
                                                                                  Chris Kerley – Castleisland
Mike Foley – Killarney Athletic                                       Colm Murphy – Castleisland
Ronan Buckley – Killarney Athletic                                 Damien Breen – Castleisland
Adam O’Shea – Killarney Athletic                                   Derek Breen – Castleisland
Mike Casey – Killarney Athletic                                      Jared O’Sullivan – Kingdom Boys
                                                                                   Bryan O’Connell – Kingdom Boys
Shane McLoughlin – Castleisland                                    Greg Horan – Park
                                                                                    Claudio Dema – Park 
Fergal O’Donoghue – Killarney Celtic                                Roman Laucher – Park 
Conor Randall – Killarney Celtic                                       Cian Sheridan – Park
                                                                                    Sean Ryan – Park
Charlie Purcell – Killorglin                                                Jessie O’Sullivan – Park
Sean Kelliher – Killorglin                                                 
Paddy Collins – Killorglin.                                                Colm Hurley – Dingle Bay