FAI Coach Education Courses 2015

Course                                                 Date                                       Venue                          Cost

Basic Child Awareness Workshop      September 14th                       Mounthawk Park        €10

Kickstart 1                                            September 26th                       Mounthawk Park        €45

4 v 4 Workshop                                    October 10th                           St Brendans Park        €25

Kickstart 2                                            October 16-18                        Mounthawk Park        €75

7 v 7 Workshop                                    November 7th                         St Brendans Park        €25


On Line at : https://payments.fai.ie/coach-education.html?county=20


For more information on these courses contact :

Darren Aherne 086 0489 019  or by email to darren.aherne@fai.ie


  • Studies have found athletes who played for untrained coaches led to a dropout rate of 26%; whereas those athletes that play for a trained coach resulted in a dropout rate of only 5%.


  • Additional studies show a positive impact on self-esteem for athletes under 12 years old playing for a trained coach.


  • Other studies indicate coaching education programs encourage new coaches to get involved by reducing the barrier created by a lack of confidence in the skills and abilities needed to coach.