Important Information for the New 2017/2018Season:

Following the information from the clubs and from the League formation meeting below are the Divisions for the 2017/18 season.
Fixtures / Fixtures Sec:
The Fixtures Secretary is Ken O’Connor ( and he will be issuing fixtures. The Fixtures have been computer generated this season.
Clubs will get two fixtures -2 evens / 2 odds and all clubs must have half their games played by Christmas. All teams will play each other once before the second round commences.
Clubs have the chance to call off 1 game ONLY before Christmas and any back games must be played during the school breaks of Halloween and Christmas.
Please contact Ken for any further information. Contact is through the Club Secretary – should your club have changed its contact person please inform the League Secretary Tom Kelly as soon as possible.
Please inform any new managers (and remind old one!!) to ring or text Padraig – 087 9878983 with results and scorer/s WIN or LOSE straight after the game. We will have the usual Radio Kerry slots during the week and at the weekend.
Meeting with Referee’s:
Following our preseason meeting with the referees there are only a few requests:
If a referee has two games at your ground can you ensure he gets paid for the first game before the match – this is good practice all the time.
For 11’s games goals must be properly weighted down. Games will not start unless this is done. I suggest we put the goals for 11’s games on the edge of 6 yard box and used the 18 yard area as the keeper’s box. Pitches can be narrowed with cones.
Should any club have an issue with the amount charged by referees – its e15 per team and 50cent per mile travel – please put these in writing to the League.
National Cup Dates:
All clubs in the National Cup should have checked their fixtures on the SFAI Website. The National Cup Dates are:
1st Round: September 16th / 17th Even Age Groups. 23rd/24th Uneven Age Groups.
2nd Round: October 14/15th Even Age Groups. 21st/22nd Uneven Age Groups.
3rd Round (u16 ages will qualify for Last 32) Even Ages 11/12th November. Uneven Age Group 18/19 November.
4th Round – All other age group winners into last 32. December 2nd and 9th.
ETP Coaches Required:
The ETP’s have been over hauled this year and start dates and information will be sent to all clubs in the coming weeks. Please ensure any coach in your club (Youth Cert / National C Licence completed successfully) that is interested in working with us in the ETP’s must send an email with qualifications and ages of interest to the League Secretary.