While it may only be March the countdown to the 2011 Kennedy Cup has
begun in earnest.
The draw will take place at the next SFAI Council meeting, in Athlone
on April 9th where Padraig Harnett and Colm Dunlea will
be representing Kerry.

The seedings were announced this week and Kerry have retained their
Number 1 position. Seeding is based on the results of the last three
so this year it will be vital for Kerry to have a good tournament to
maintain its position in Pot 1.

The four seeding groups for the Kennedy Cup Draw, from which one from
each will be drawn in each of the 8 Groups, are:

Top Seeds:
DDSL, Waterford, Donegal, NDSL, Dundalk, Kerry, Wexford, Galway.

2nd Seeds:
Cork, Wicklow, Kildare, Limerick District, Mayo, NEC, SDFL, Sligo / Leitrim.

3rd Seeds:
South Tipperary, Clare, Limerick County, Inishowen, Limerick Desmond,
Midlands, Longford, Roscommon.

4th Seeds:
Cavan, Kilkenny, Drogheda, Athlone, WWEC, West Cork, Carlow, North Tipperary.