Kerry Schoolboys Girls League supports FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) Week

Kerry Schoolboys/girls League to Participate in Football Against Racism Week

Kerry Schoolboys/girls League will host FARE Week/s in Kerry from 16th-31st October 2012. All matches that take place over this time will begin with the Captains making a short speech against racism and both teams shaking hands before and after the game.

The Matches are being hosted to mark Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) Week, which aims to eliminate racist and discriminatory behaviour from soccer in Europe, as well as promoting diversity through sport. The initiative runs from 16th-31st October. In Ireland, FARE Week is supported by the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) and it’s Community Partners (Show Racism the Red Card Ireland and Sport against Racism Ireland) as well as the Department of Justice and Equality. At a European level, the week is supported by UEFA.

During the FARE weeks players will wear ‘Many Voices One Goal – Football Against Racism in Europe’’ wristbands, as well as bibs displaying the slogan ‘United Against Racism’. We will be asking all clubs and schools, to help promote FARE weeks by organising other events and creating posters to get as many people as possible involved.

Members of the public can attend any FARE weeks games in support of this initiative at their local club. Details of these games can be found in the local newspapers, Kerry Schoolboys/girls League web site or Kerry Schoolboys/girls League Facebook page.

Speaking in advance of the Kerry Schoolboys/girls League FARE week, League Chairman Martin Conway said: “We need to get the message out that discrimination of any sort – whether based on religious background, nationality or skin colour – is simply not acceptable, on or off the pitch. Fans and footballers alike have a duty to promote this message. It’s vital that we set strong examples and leadership for our children, and FARE Week is a great platform from which we can all unite against racism and celebrate diversity.”

Kerry Schoolboys/girls League is among groups around Ireland that are making FARE Week 2012


CONTACT: Brendan Hogan (Dir of Football) on 087 7390944 for more information.