The Cup begins and it’s the start of the Girls League

Kerry Schoolboy/Girls League Fixtures Saturday 21st January
11s Cup Round 1
Killarney Athletic B v Behy Rovers      1pm
Kingdom Boys v St.Bernards              10-30am
Ballyhar v Killorglin B                         10-30am
Killarney Celtic A v Iveragh                    1-30pm
Listowel B v Asdee                              10-30am
Fenit v Killarney Celtic C                      1-30pm
Killorglin A v Park A                           12-15pm
11s League Fixtures
Mastergeeha v Camp B                    12 noon
Inter Kenmare v Camp A                  12 noon
13s Cup Round 1
Castlemaine v Camp                              11am
Killarney Athletic B v Castleisland     10-30am
Round 2
Park B v Killarney Celtic A                     10-30am
Killarney Athletic A v Park A           11-45am
Fenit v Kingdom Boys                            12 noon
Ballyhar v Killarney Celtic B           11-45am
13s Div 1 League Fixture
Killorglin A v Asdee                            11am
15s Cup
Prelim Game
Camp v Park B                                   11-30am
Round 1
Killarney Celtic B v Killorglin B                       12 noon
Listowel B v Killarney Athletic A                       11-45am
Killarney Celtic A v Killarney Athletic B       10-30am
Ballyhar v Mastergeeha                          1-30pm
Kingdom Boys B v Castlemaine                    11-45am
Fenit v Kingdom Boys A                          10-30am
15 Premier League
Park A v Listowel A                                      11am
13s Girls League Fixtures
Killarney Athletic v Killarney Celtic           2-15pm
Listowel v Kingdom Girls                                1-30pm
17s Girls League Fixtures
Listowel v Killarney Celtic                            2-45pm
Camp/Park v Inter Kenmare                             12-30pm
Tuesday 24th January
15 Premier
Killarney Celtic v Killorglin                         6-30pm